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Fine Wines
Our selections of wines was born from an accurate research on our land of producing companies and wine cellars which enable us to transmit the smell, colours and sensations of Marche region to our customers.


Is a delight from the scent of an exquisite leavening, a soft and tasty cream mixed with raw mineral notes. Its color goes from straw yellow to greenish tinted to remember the gentle hills that lull it. On the palate is initially a keen sensation, then exalted by effervescent bubbles, to finish smooth and creamy, to preserve a malty memory at the end.

Brut Rosé

Is delicate in colour and scent, strong in flavour. The feelings are mixed, the red colour gives it a delicate impression of pleasant finesse and at the same time the bubbles, generous in size, give to it a decisive influence. The sense of smell is light, with the scent of roses and red fruits unripe that dancing together in a harmonious way. The appearance betrays the strong taste, the bubbles dominate making space to the sapidity in the end, diluted by a pleasant freshness.


The wine Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC is among the most typical wines from the Marche region and one of the oldest in Italy. It is a white wine and comes from refined vineyard as well as Verdicchio, Malvasia and Trebbiano Toscano, the organoleptic qualities give it the title of exclusivity between all national wines. It has a straw yellow colour not very bright, the sense of smell is delicate and fruity aroma stands out a pleasant aroma of apples and peaches, mixed with wildflowers. The taste is fresh with a slightly bitter aftertaste.


The wine Rosso Piceno DOC is a young wine, it was born during the twentieth century, is composed of Montepulciano and Sangiovese grapes. It is one of the most characteristic wines from Marche region. It is intense ruby color, dry and warm on the palate, the sense of smell has a bouquet full of ripe cherries and cherries with a pinch of licorice.


Qualification: Dry red
Vineyard: One vineyard of 32,000 m2
Grape: Merlot 33% Cabernet Sauvignon 33% e Syrah 33%
Alcoholic strength: 14,00 degrees
To the eye: Intense ruby red
To the nose: Grand fragrances of fruits of the forest
To the taste: A grand fruit taste with an aftertaste of blackberry and raspberry. Really remarkable.
Serving temperature: 18°-19°
Serve with: An ideal companion for game, Lamb and quality cheeses.

dei castelli di Jesi

Each wine that comes out from traditional schemes starts from an idea that was born a little bit by chance and a little bit for bet.
I always had the conviction that Verdicchio was one of the few white wines which that can be enhanced both in the fermentation and refinement in wood.
So, by the use of different kind of woods and sizes of barrel, was born the white wine "Stefano Antonucci" which exalts the characteristics of our prestigious land of Marche.


Sensation: this is a very good wine, with distinct yellow fruit and spice perfumes. It is both full and deep thanks to the alcohol. The clear aromas have balsamic, minty wood veins and are slightly smoky. There is not only wood but also fruit, plum and blackcurrant, an oxidative integrity we have not encountered in previous vintages, which matches the strength and lively sweetness of the minty wood. A plush, dense texture, well-controlled tannin, mouthfilling softness without trails of bitterness. The ending is  soft and Visciola cherries taste, place where the overly tannic wines recall the bitter coffee rather than over-ripe and black cherry. A highly successful fruit-wine, which continually expresses overtones of wild berry fruits and other fruits, black and purple berries, a clear sour cherry gloss. After swallowing, the wave of flavours remains at length. Microspores of flavour light echoes of mint, almond icing, magical blackberry and plum fruit. The pleasantness thus continues after swallowing, lasting for the time allowed by the superior juice extract of this classic, clean, Mediterranean Bordeaux blend. The concentration and silky softness remain close-knit in this wine.


Sensuade is of great impact, recalls the poppy and the red cherry. The fruity component gives
both to the nose and to the mouth really pleasant sensations of sweetness.