Muccini tartufi Italia, vendita tartufo nero e bianco, prodotti gastronomici delle marche, olia, pasta, vino e prodotti al tartufo.

the Italian region of truffle

Marche Region, a place where nature merges with the history of ancient traditions. The love for the earth, the passion for real things, the traditions of our fathers and the wise passing of time are the valuable aspects of our work that still today allows us to offer the flavours and the unmistakable taste of truffles.
The lowlands are not extensive, but intensely cultivated and inhabited, with a shoreline in some places, which is of great interest. The mountains, often wild, characterize the inner band.
The most typical landscape of the region, one that most characterizes it, is the wide area of rolling hills made up almost entirely by a polychrome mosaic of cultivated fields, which has no exact equivalent in other Italian regions.
Over the centuries, Marche was the birthplace to numerous artists like, the incomparable Renaissance painter Raffaello, the ingenious architect Bramante and to authors of immortal works like, Giacomo Leopardi and Gioacchino Rossini.
In recent years, it has seen the birth of artists like Gio’ and Arnaldo Pomodoro and Maria Montessori, with her revolutionary pedagogic method known and widely used all over the world.